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EVEN from a distance, I can help you heal: emotionally, physically, spiritually.

"After receiving reiki from Teja for pain and anxiety, I was BLOWN away."

Reiki is healing energy that can be sent to people, animals, places, situations, books/projects, Mother Earth...

 Shamanic Reiki uses tools from 

 nature as well as journeying/storytelling. 

"Teja is a phenomenal   healer. I recently had to deliver upsetting news to 150 people live. When the time came, the healing energies Teja sent ran through my body in a way that unblocked my ability to engage intentionally and  calmly. This was something  I had never experienced in   my life." —Emily 

                                 $50 distance sessions                                 

        You send me a quick text or email to tell me what you're working on. 

        As you rest, I take a 15-minute journey to send you healing and support.

 Not everyone feels the energy during the session but you'll probably feel better afterward. 

        I send a short voice memo or email describing our journey + any suggested next steps




$75 distance


"Teja's reiki and tarot readings have helped me to ease physical and emotional pain. I feel it as a soothing energy and as a companion in my healing journey." —Jimena

I focus on finding support,

guidance, and inspiration for whatever may be up right now.

Readings include photo of cards and voice memo about your reading.

$75 standard reading

(specialized readings available)


Gentle Tarot

Spacious Tarot

I accept PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle.

Contact me at for more info or to get started!

 Or combine a reiki + tarot session for $100! 

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