patient, caring,


Brown bear stands in a forest clearing w

Head + Heart Intuitive Arts 

Guidance, Healing, and Support

sensitive, empath

spiritually grounded

trauma training

Third Eye

the answers
 are inside. 


work is the most efficient tool
I've found for shifting patterns.

But it can be painful to do alone. 
I can guide and support you.


We can visit the little yous,
and give them—now—the love
and support they needed then.

This work is challenging,
but transformative.


I can help with: 



making plans 

+ decisions 

healing trauma

living a happy life

intuition development


my tools include:

Meditation + mindfulness

nature wisdom

intuition + insight

tarot cards + runes

shamanic journeying

mantras + affirmations

safe space safe space sensitive souls and spirits are safe here space safe space safe space 

this is a safe space for people of color POC SAFE HERE people of color safe and welcome here

safe space safe space YOU ARE SAFE HERE all and only love safe space safe space love respect love safe space safe space
safe space safe space safe space safe space no haters no predators no bigots QUEERS SAFE HERE safe space safe space safe space