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 Two Birds Editing

Every book starts with a seed.

Watercolor Bird 1
Watercolor Bird 2
New life

Whether rose or redwood, 

  I can help it grow.  

We ensure that
your story has a
strong root system,
so it can grow hardy
and healthy. Story, character, tension, and pacing are addressed.

Softening rough edges—smoothing out sentences,
removing redundancy—
maximizes impact and vitality.
Thoughtful pruning promotes
robust flowering.

Now it's time to
pull the weeds:










Equally skilled
at all three
levels of editing

(feed 2+ birds with one seed)

30 years of

Creative and collaborative; passionate fiction writer and reader

End goal: helping
you become
a better writer


Watercolor Bird 2
Watercolor Bird 1

“Teja is a skilled professional with wisdom and insight. Her immediate  enthusiasm in my project uplifted me. Teja is patient and gentle, and she  presents corrections and suggestions with warm encouragement and support.“  
                                   Beverly Holliday, author of Messages from Sam 

"Teja has sharpened and improved my writing immeasurably. I trust no one more to 
root out the errors and keep me focused on the plot."   

                     —Christopher Church, author of  Mason Braithwaite paranormal series 

"Through a friendly process, Teja steered me through developmental edits,  enhancing my book’s narrative, character development, and language. Her  reading of the text was thoughtful and thorough. Her copyedits were scrupulous,  her communication articulate and always encouraging." 
                      — David Greene, author of Unmentionables historical fiction series 

“Teja is a rock star copy editor who can also pull back and examine the writing at  a higher level.”                             —Tammy Lynne Stoner, author of Sugar Land 

"Teja was able to hear my needs and my voice. Very professional and great at  communicating. The finished product was instantly accepted by a publisher and  has had rave reviews! I know this is in part due to the impeccable work Teja did."                                                                —Dr. Saida Désilets, author of Desire 

1:1 coaching also available!

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